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Brendan Hufford

SEO Expert

In this episode (1/2), Harlaksh connects with Brendan ‘infectious energy’ Hufford, the star man from Chicago, United States who gives us his take on what’s happening in the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) world.


Amir Bazrafshan

Apricot Video Marketing

Amir Bazrafshan of Apricot Video Marketing based in Nottingham, United Kingdom, gives us his take on all things Video Marketing. He’s got a direct style that a lot of you will like while he gives us his take on content production, content distribution, which platforms are good for video, what are some good tools to use for hosting/embedding videos, the hype about deep fakes, short form videos vs long form videos and a lot more.

Sumeet Chawla

Founder of Just Stickers

In this episode – Sumeet Chawla talks about what got him interested in entering the ultra-niche area of customised stickers and creating an eCommerce business out of it. Tune in for finding product market fit, being a premium provider in a market that’s considered a costing play, hacking into culture for a personalised experience, on the ground challenges of running a venture in an unorganised sector and getting funding offers early on in the venture’s journey.

Jasveen Khanduja

Founder of Healthalicious

In this episode – Jasveen Khanduja shares his entrepreneurial journey originating from Nagpur, India in the health food space. Tune in for early stage nurturing of a venture, scrappy growth hacks including offline and online strategies, organic growth in a niche market and what differentiates his venture in an extremely crowded market.

The Supergrowth Experience

An introduction to Supergrowth

Tune in and learn about the Supergrowth Experience where we talk about Growth with fellow founders, CEOs and business owners.

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